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What is Brain Balance Music and how can it help my child or me?

 Welcome to our online store!  We offer helpful information here about our music as well as downloads for you to purchase.

Brain Balance Music has been helping both children and adults for years, with various issues including autism, learning disabilities. depression, and even chronic pain.  It can also simply be listened to and enjoyed!

Often a professional may refer you to our music as part of their work with you to incorporate into your program towards health.  Or you may have heard about Brain Balance Music and found us by looking us up.  Great! We're so happy you're either, however you came to us and would love to hear personally from you if you have any questions, feedback, or just want to say hi. Please use the contact form to reach out, or contribute your thoughts on our blog.  We love hearing from our "listeners!"

Brain Balance Music is designed and customized to Dr. Robert J. Melillo’s specifications, based on extensive research and knowledge that certain types and frequencies of sound are specifically processed by the two hemispheres of the brain differently. By using specific music and sounds Brain Balance Music may help to stimulate one hemisphere more than the other and possibly create more balance in the brain. 

The majority of symptoms in children and adults including attention deficits, learning disabilities, autism, obsessive compulsive disorder, depression, anxiety, chronic pain and many more are all directly a result of an imbalance of electrical activity in the brain. There are many environmental factors that can produce an imbalance of electrical activity and function of the two sides of the brain documented as either an increase of activity on one side or a decreased activity on the other. Research has shown that the side of the brain that is most problematic is most often the side that is under stimulated.  The use of Brain Balance Music as as source of stimulation to the brain may be a very powerful tool to achieve a balance of brain activity. 

Adverse activity is the right hemisphere, which is thought to be the one in ADD, OCD, anxiety disorder, and autism is specifically stimulated by low frequency tones, negative, or downbeat music, and music that creates images such as environmental sounds without words.  Decreased activity in the left hemisphere which is seen in dyslexia, learning disabilities, poor memory and depression too name a few, is stimulated by high frequency tones, positive or upbeat music, words and repetitive mathematical, rhythmic sounds.  We have created Brain Balance Music utilizing these facts as well as other research into how sound effects the hemispheres.  Brain Balance Music is designed specifically to create a balance of activity between the hemispheres. 

You should listen to the music three to five times a day for at least ten-minute sessions. Either a music player should be used with one earpiece taken out or removed. In this instance, you will listen to the music in the ear opposite the side of the brain hemisphere that we wish to stimulate i.e. music in the left ear for the right brain etc. If a music player is not used, an earplug can be used in the ear that is on the same side of the brain as we wish to stimulate. For example, to stimulate the right hemisphere, place the earplug in the right ear. With the earplug in place, music can be played in the background. In this instance, the music should be kept on for at least 15 minutes. If you cannot tolerate either a music player or an earplug, simply play the music in the background at the same volume level for 15 minute intervals. Since Brain Balance Music is specifically designed to stimulate either the right or left brain, it will still have a specific stimulating effect without the isolation of one ear from listening.

All Brain Balance Music © 2020 Brain Balance Music, Inc. All rights reserved. Purchaser agrees not to make additional copies for resale, social media sharing, or any other personal or commercial use. Downloads are only intended for personal use on customer’s personal devices, not to exceed 2 separate locations, such as one cellphone only and one laptop or desktop computer.